This is the complete refund and return policy ("Policy") for South Fork Hardware and all individual South Fork Hardware stores as of February 10, 2017. This policy takes precedence should any discrepency exist between it and any summary including but not limited to Refund and Return Policy Signs posted at South Fork Hardware stores and the Return Policy Summary found on all South Fork Hardware receipts.

In this document, "South Fork Hardware" may be used to refer either to the amalgamation of all South Fork Hardware stores or South Fork Hardware's corporate identity represented by its corporate offices located at PO Box 607, Morgan UT, 84050. South Fork Hardware is an independent hardware retailer not branded or affiliated with any other hardware store, chain of hardware stores, or hardware co-operative.

Any claim, dispute, or controversy arising out of or in connection with this policy shall be arbitrated by the parties before the American Arbitration Association, and under the rules then obtaining of that Association. The Arbitration shall be held in the city of Morgan, State of Utah, United States of America unless the parties otherwise agree. Judgment may be entered on the award in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Should either party refuse Arbitration for any reason the remaining party may pursue its rights in any court of law or equity subject only to APPLICABLE LAW and receive such judgment as the court deems just including reasonable attorney fees.

South Fork Hardware seeks to provide superior customer service and transaction satisfaction. However, South Fork Hardware reserves the right to refuse return, refund, and exchange of any product if in the sole judgement of South Fork Hardware personell a product or products fail to meet the standards defined in this policy.


Any product originally purchased from a South Fork Hardware store and not specifically sold as non-returnable as listed in this policy or as declared by store management due to mark down, closeout, or any other reason may be returned to any South Fork Hardware store under the following conditions.

  1. All product exchanges and product returns must be accompanied by an original South Fork Hardware receipt. South Fork Hardware is not responsible for lost receipts or receipts not accepted by the customer at the time of purchase.
  2. All product exchanges and product returns must be completed within thirty (30) days of the date on the original receipt.
  3. At the store's discretion, the purchase of new products and the refund of returned products may be combined into a single transaction the result of which may be money paid to South Fork Hardware.
  4. Refunds may not vary from the amounts shown on the original receipt including listed discounts, if any.
  5. At the discretion of store personell the store of original purchase as declared on the accompanying recipt may be contacted for verification or additional information.
  6. Any product may be returned or exchanged in accordance with this policy due to a manufacturing defect.
  7. Products not affected by a manufacturing defect may be returned only when both the product and its packaging are in new and resellable condition. Product wear; grease, dirt, or other soil; damage from use of any kind; torn, stained, or fluid damaged packaging will all disqualify a return or exchange. Products returned with tape of any kind on their packaging will not be accepted for return or refund.

Refunds must be given in the same manner as the original purchase. Credit and debit card purchases must be returned to the same card listed on the original receipt. Items purchased on account must be returned to the account and will not be returned as cash. Items purchased using a gift card will be refunded to a gift card. Cash and check sales will be returned as cash. Purchases made using a check be it personal or business may not be returned for ten (10) days from the date printed on the original receipt without authorization from the store manager. Store credit will not be issued for refunds other than as described above.

All transactions involving a return or exchange must be accompanied by the printed name, phone number, and signature of the customer. South Fork Hardware reserves the right to contact customers with a brief survey concerning their return and refund experience. Collected customer information will not be used for sales or solicitation nor given nor sold to any third party. South Fork Hardware respects the privacy of its customers.


Items listed as non-returnable may only be returned in the case of manufacturer's defect if and only if the product was NOT sold as a closeout, mark down, or any other "sold as is" situation. Products sold as non-returnable due to mark down, closeout, or any other "sold as is" situation will be labeled as such, verbally identified at the time of checkout, and the phrase "Not Returnable" written on the customer's receipt.

Batteries, tents, automotive parts, and cut tubing, pipe, rope, and cable are non-returnable and all sales are final.

Tinted paint is non-returnable without manufacturer authorization with one exception: South Fork Hardware's failure to tint the paint according to manufacturer specifications. South Fork Hardware is not responsible for customer tint selection or the suitability of any tint for any purpose. Per manufacturer instructions, customers must first contact the paint manufacturer. Should the manufacturer authorize a return, the manufacturer will contact South Fork Hardware directly. See each manufacturer's return policy for details.

Items often used in emergencies including but not limited to tire chains, block heaters, flares, etc., are non-returnable. Camping equipment with the exception of tents, as mentioned above, are excluded from this requirement.

Individual South Fork Hardware stores may identify other items as non-returnable. When this occurs, stores will clearly post non-returnability lists near the checkout stand and verbally identify non-returnable products not listed in this policy.